Carnival Mind

I like to write, drink coffee, stare at the moon, play with cats, and let life take me on a carnival ride.

Do not step in the pathway of a strong woman. Where she walks, the ground beneath her trembles. Watch the way her eyes narrow in on what she after. Notice the way her shoulders seem to broaden, even if she is small. Do not underestimate a strong woman. “No” will never be enough for her. “Maybe” will drive her absolutely mad. When you see a strong woman, she will appear before you with fire. She will talk to you in confidence. She will tell you what you do not want to hear. Do not try to make her believe in the system you are part of. She is faithful to her values and loyal to her instinct. When you think there is no way, she will make a way. Do not underestimate a strong woman.

The first wind of fall
skims the gutters of August’s streets
and greets me with a kiss
upon my cheek.
He is silent,
like a guest concerned to enter in
and stands across the threshold
with nervous hands.
He wonders “where will summer go?”
and weaves between great oak trees
where acorns soon will fall.
Green turns into yellow turns to red
and the first wind yields new life.